The elephant factory started with the love of all the children of the world



  • Disinfection of child's goods

All of children's goods such as toys are disinfected with elephant factory medicine.

Elephant factory's disinfectant uses safe materials for KFDA and US FDA food additive certified.


  • High-temperature steam sterilization

Sterilization of the harmful bacteria decomposers in toilet and in kitchen at over 140 degrees makes the environment cleaner and cleaner.


  • Space disinfection

They dissolve the germs of space and air guality to make children feel safe.


  • Sterilizing outdoor space

We disinfect car disinfection and sand mats to make safe environment.


We have safe and reliable for professionalism.


It is safe to the human body by using Eco-friendly disinfectant

Use a food additive certified drug from KFDA and U.S FDA

Regular management and franchise mark will be provided

We provide a certificate of sterilization for ongoing management

Provide employee safety certificate

As a company with children, we work with people who can feel safe and reliable


Services for children should be different.

The elephant factory provides Eco-friendly and safe services.


Become memories of toys of all, become knowledge.


Become love without discrimination.

We will remember the social value of the company.

Donate toys to repair, disinfect and distribute to underprivileged children

We have a professional system for children.

Childcare Professional / Toy manage of rental service.

Lara daycare center and Chungwoon daycare center teacher of purser

Operated by Doorubeorli volunteer group.

Working at the comprehensive childcare support center

2014 Grand prize, by Ministry of Employment and Labor's Social Venture Festival

2015. 5 Ulsan pre-social enterprise certification

2015. 5 Hyundai Motor Foundation Fellowship and Agreement.

2015. 5 Convention on the foundation of Dongrami.

2015. 10 LG Social Fund Festival Starting group Innovator selected.



Address 50, 2, Gongchon-eup, Bumseo-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
Tel 052)242-1661
Fax 052)970-7272